Rules & Regulations


  • Students must be polite and courteous to Library Officers/Staff and Security Personnel.

  • No food and beverages, except personal drinking water will be allowed inside the Reading Area.

  • Smoking is not allowed inside Library premises. A fine of Rs.1000.00 (Rupees One Thousand only) with strict action will be taken if any such activities are reported.

  • All readers must register entry and exit with ID details in the Register provided at the check points with security.

  • Chairs and tables should not be disturbed from their position.

  • Mobiles should be in silent mode or switched off.

  • No users should rest their feet on tables, chairs, shelves, window seals; disciplinary action will be initiated on reporting of such activities.

  • Books should be handled with great care. Users should not keep the books open or face down on the table, no pencil or pen should not be inserted while closing, pages must not be folded, marking with pencil and highlighter is strictly prohibited. Any defects found in books should be immediately reported to the on-duty staff.

  • All readers should exit when allotted time gets over as security will close the gate and switch off the lights.

  • Students should maintain a standard dress code (preferably full pants and shirts with full sleeves) while coming to Library. (Shorts, Pajama, sleeping dress will not be allowed inside the library area.)

  • Maintenance of sanctity and honor of Library premises is the responsibilities of the readers. An expected decorum of behavior such as maintenance of silence, discussing in low tone, avoiding unnecessary internet using is expected from students and readers attending Central Library.

These rules will be subjected to revision/updating from time to time as required.